Dr. Iris Levin

Kenyon Biology Professor

Iris is an expert in barn swallows and has been conducting research in and around the barns at The Gambier Loft.   She and her summer research students have worked hard to discover more about

the life of these incredible birds.  Barn swallows are beneficial in several ways, and

at the Loft,  they keep the mosquito population very low,  so we can enjoy summer

nights without being bitten!

(The Team, shown on the right panel:  L to R: Serena, Ilana,

Mattheus, Charlie),  pictured here with Dr. Levin and her husband and collaborator, Dr. Tsunekage, also a Biology Professor at Kenyon) 

After a busy day watching wildlife,  we all need a good night's sleep!
Alternate Twin Bed Configuration.jpg

If you are bringing additional guests,  we offer twin beds with luxurious sheets, fluffy pillows, a soft blanket and quilt cover.  2 twins can be joined together to make a large additional bed.