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        Dr. Iris Levin

Kenyon Biology Professor

Iris is an expert in barn swallows and has been conducting research in and around area barns.   She and her summer research students have worked hard to discover more about

the life of these incredible birds. 

L-R:  Ammar, Toshi (Iris's husband and collaborator), Iris, Omar & Lindsey

Charlie with some lab equipment

Charlie was part of the 2021 Levin Lab summer project and  has since graduated.  Charlie finished his research this summer before heading off to his job at the NIH.

Omar J. Morosse is a junior Biology/English double-major from Nyack, NY. He enjoys spending time outdoors, backpacking, playing disc golf, weightlifting, and hanging out with his nephews. Omar studies assortative mating behavior in barn swallows with the Levin Lab at Kenyon College. 


Lindsey C. Abramson is a junior Biology major, chemistry minor from Cheshire, CT. She can often be found outdoors, playing volleyball, or reading. She is interested in pursuing veterinary medicine or something in healthcare. Lindsey’s research in the Levin lab focuses on whether barn swallow phenotype is non-random with respect to colony size and composition. 


Ammar Y. Raslan is a sophomore from Egypt intending to declare a double major in Biology and Philosophy. He likes writing, loves reading, and enjoys playing video games and watching movies. Ammar studies breeding synchrony in barn swallows with the Levin Lab at Kenyon College. Ammar absolutely adores the sea, and swimming in it.

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